Smarter Accounting for Commissions

Concert streamlines ASC 340-40/ IFRS 15 compliance and handles the most challenging commissions accounting

  • Instant amortization calculations
  • Expense commissions and bonuses over customer lifetime, service period, or as incurred
  • Automatic termination tracking and acceleration
  • Option to include fringe benefits

Turnkey Accounting for Commissions

Accurate, automatic accounting

Our platform identifies the correct amortization policy, amortizes your commissions and tracks customer relationships. If your amortization must be accelerated, it happens seamlessly.

Change plans easily

Commission plans are dynamic, your accounting should be, too. Concert will record any adjusting entries, without any manual intervention.

Close your books faster

Concert calculates commission expense instantly, so you won't have any delays in your close calendar.

Improved forecasting

Expense schedules are built out through amortization end dates, giving you the ability to project your commission expense in future periods.

Audit-ready commission expenses

Entries are traceable at the payee, plan, and opportunity level, making audits a breeze.

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Grows with your business

Change plans in minutes

Your business is dynamic, and so are comp plans. Add or remove payees, adjust your quotas, or setup a brand new plan in minutes and your accounting updates automatically

Flexible data inputs

Bring in data for opportunities, collections, usage, billing, leads, activities, and MBOs, and know how it will impact your accounting.

Easy Salesforce integration

Connect your Salesforce data with a single click, and have your commission expenses recalculate in real time.

Speak the same language as Sales

No more reconciliation spreadsheets. Just one source of truth for accounting and Sales.

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Join companies commissioning smarter with Concert


Concert was a key part of Return Path’s ASC 340-40 adoption:

  • Return Path improved productivity and reporting for 100 reps spanning 5 roles in 7 countries with Concert.
  • ASC 340-40 compliance impacted the company, and the result would have been manual spreadsheets.
  • Concert made manual spreadsheets obsolete and streamlined calculations.
  • ...All while giving reps timely and accurate statements!

Ready to Commission Smarter?

No expensive implementations. No complicated spreadsheets.

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