Celebrate Every Sales Win: The Top 10 GIFs

Sanj Sanampudi


September 21, 2020

Why It’s Important to Celebrate Every Sales Win

Celebrating a sales win is an important part of building team morale and motivation.  Recognition for professional accomplishments shows employees that you both care about their work and appreciate their contributions.  That sense of appreciation is critical to your sales team.  A study from O.C. Tanner Company states that nearly 80% of people who quit their jobs ended up leaving because of lack of appreciation at work.  “When people aren’t having fun, when they’re not recognized for outstanding performance, when no one says thanks, they do become disengaged and feel unimportant,” says Wells Fargo Chairman, Richard Kovacevich.

Organizational psychologist, Adam Grant, found that appreciative leaders motivate their employees to be 50% more productive.  The study randomly divided two groups of employees tasked with making fundraising calls, a notoriously thankless job.  The employees who were given appreciation for their efforts by their director made 50% more fundraising calls than those who didn’t receive the same recognition. 

The good news is celebration and appreciation can be as simple as sending a well-timed hilarious GIF, which we have expertly curated for you.  Favorite the page now, and grab the GIFs you need.

Here are Our Top 10 GIFs to Celebrate Every Sales Win

1. The Social-Distance High-Five

A classic celebration, without any contact. Fun fact, as much as we struggle to imagine our new lives without it, the high-five wasn’t popularized until the 80s!

2. The Victory Shimmy

Nothing says “NIIIIIICEEEEE!” like a knowing smile and some subtle shoulder movement.

3. For The Deal That Took Forever

This is perfect for the rep that really stuck with it.  The extra demo right before signature.  The late-breaking requirement.  The change in staffing at the last minute.  This rep has been waiting to drop this necklace in the ocean, and it’s finally happened!

4. The Group Hug

The team that works together, wins together.  Follow this GIF with @ mentions to the entire deal team.

5. For The Unbelievable Sales Win

Once in a while, a sales win will defy expectations: it closes faster, it is for a higher value, or a deal you thought you lost comes back.  Speechless.  

6. For the Rep that Wins with Style

Yeah, a lot of factors probably slid in place, but that rep had the training, skill, and strength to get that win on the board.   And they looked hella cool doing it. 

7. For the Rep that Wins with…Less Style

Sometimes winning just requires you to put yourself out there and go through the motions.  It doesn’t look cool, but it still takes a lot of effort!

8. The Self-Congratulation

Sometimes a win is so good that you need to celebrate yourself.  It’s ok.  Own the win and your hot-pink hot pants.

9. For the Deal No One Believed In

Did you know that optimistic salespeople outsell their pessimistic counterparts by up to forty percentSometimes that stubborn optimism can see a deal through to victory.  Sometimes that stubbornness is a Dowager Countess who will not change with the times.  Use this one judiciously.

10. The Back Flip

OMG OMG OMG.  All your excitement and enthusiasm has to go somewhere. Follow this one with a ridiculous number of emojis AND a personal phone call.

BONUS: Our Favorite Sales Win GIF

This one is a Concert team fave, but, you should read the room on this one.  It has mixed reviews.  If you have reps who love Cuban musical heritage, Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine, or puns, this one is for them.

The Main Takeaway: Celebrate That Sales Win!

It’s unlikely that you can go out for drinks with the team any time soon, so you need to find more ways for a lighthearted, thoughtful celebration.  These are our faves, but remember the GIF you choose doesn’t matter so much.  The act of celebrating a sales win is important for the morale and motivation of your team, your company, and yourself.

Next Steps

Send a charming GIF to celebrate the next sales win!

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