Design Smarter Commission Plans

Unlock your team's productivity with a better comp plan, using the science and psychology of commissions.

  • AI plan recommendations based on your team's performance
  • Customize multiple plan scenarios
  • Budget confidently with 1,000 performance simulations

Scenario Modeling and Budgeting

Understand the true payout curve

See what your plan will cost across 1,000 scenarios, not just 1.

Understand the risks associated with your plan

How likely are you to hit your top-line goals? We give an honest analysis.

A place for Sales + Finance to plan together

Don't exchange spreadsheets back and forth.


AI Plan Recommendations

See plan performance in real-time

Determine if your plans are driving the performance you need to hit your goals.

Set motivating quotas

Model the targets that help your team view their pipeline differently and improve productivity.

Predictive SPIF recommendations

Get the pipeline analytics that identifies vulnerabilities in pipeline coverage and de-risk your plan.

Smarter Commission Plans by Experts

What customers say about Concert's Commission Plan Design

  • "The expertise of the Concert Team has allowed us to roll-out a number of initiatives that have created positive change and set us up for success in these unpredictable times."
  • "The team's help was a huge value add."
  • "A BIG improvement over last year's comp plan delivery."

Let's Design a Smarter Commission Plan!

Motivate your teams and increase productivity, while staying in budget.

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