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Hit your numbers consistently and make everyone a little bit happier with the science of great performance.

We worked with experts in neuroscience and behavioral psychology, pored over academic research studies, collected our team’s anecdotal experience, and reviewed the aggregate data on our platform to understand how comp should work and why the plans we have today are the source of our challenges: 50% of reps attaining quota, 9% of CROs saying their plans lead to consistent sales behaviors, and fast rep turnover. 

The Commission Feedback Loop


Humans are wired to hit goals.  When we see quotas/goals that are achievable, there are even physiological changes.  Our blood pressure increases when we see a goal that is challenging, but achievable.  Our body's giving us the energy to get up and go after that goal. 


Quotas are really the same, too far out and you don't try, too easy and you give minimal effort. 

Read our blog post about why the most common marathon time is 3:59 and not 4 hrs.

Good quotas are more powerful motivators than the commission

Once motivated, the question is “how do I get there?”  Motivation is most effectively harnessed when we know exactly what we need to do.  

Your team needs the script, the training, the role-playing, and the coaching to learn the material and authentically customize their answers for each product, each vertical, and each objection.

Your sales playbook should be a blueprint to success

Notice that commissions are at the end of the loop.  Commissions are often mistaken to set people into motion, but what research shows is that commissions reinforce the right playbook behaviors.  

See how Concert uses some of the latest research on how people learn from feedback with our real-time performance notifications in Slack.

Commissions are feedback

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