Commission Smarter

Unlock your team’s productivity and performance through the science of incentives.

Commission Smarter

Unlock your team’s productivity and performance through the science of incentives.

The Commission Feedback Loop

We’ve worked with experts in neuroscience and behavioral psychology, pored over academic research studies, and reviewed the aggregate data on our platform to understand how incentive compensation plans drive an individual’s best performance.

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Good quotas are more powerful motivators than the commission

Humans are wired to hit goals. When we see quotas and goals that are achievable, there are psychological and even physiological changes that take place within us. Blood pressure increases to prepare the body to leap into action, but this only happens when we see a goal that is moderately challenging. Neural pathways that influence behavioral learning are also activated, preparing us to learn.

Concert helps you set smarter quotas to motivate your team to perform beyond their own expectations.


Activities and behaviors, not just outcomes, are important comp levers

Motivation is most effectively harnessed when we know exactly what we need to do. All of your investments in training and enablement (scripting, role-playing, and coaching) are put into action at this stage. In sales, no behavior is 100% effective, so our teams face a lot of negative feedback in their work. This negative feedback can inhibit an individual’s ability to make this behavior a habit. We advocate paying on pipeline progress in order to provide positive feedback to reinforce the training and enablement investments you are making.

Concert tracks the stages of your opportunities and allows you to quota or SPIF on pipeline activities, not just closed opps.


Commission reporting is feedback, so it matters

The commission itself is feedback. This helps you reinforce learning and adjust activities to hit your targets. The rules of any good feedback loop apply here: feedback should be given near real-time, passively, and contextualized against goals. Recent research also shows that feedback delivered by a system is processed twice as effectively than feedback given by a person.

Concert used the latest research on feedback and reward-based learning to create our statements and Slack app.

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What Marathons Teach Us About Target Setting and Performance

The most common marathon finish time is 3:59. Not 4:00, not 4:01, and it happens at every milestone, a peak right before and a drop off right after. People are driven to hit targets.


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