Your comp plan should be motivating your team. 


Is it?

You've done the hard part by setting targets and payout structures. 

What you are paying is important, but studies show how you are reporting progress to your team can drive higher performance than the compensation itself.

About 90% of teams only get reporting after the end of the period.  Without that reporting, teams are flying blind.  They are miss out on critical opportunities to accelerate pipe, adjust strategies and improve results.

We end up in a spiral of manual, inaccurate shadow spreadsheets, compulsive SPIFs, and bad pipeline management to make up for quota shortfalls.

Just over 10% of companies provide compensation reporting during the month

Modern Sales Pros + Concert 2019 State of Sales Comp Study

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Finally, real-time compensation reporting to keep your team motivated 💪 to hit their goals 💯 and celebrate 🎉 the milestones along the way.

Plus, teams can see earnings 💰, calculation details ✅, and forecasts 📈 so they are more focused and a little bit happier. 😺

Well-designed comp plans are only half the story

More visibility, more wins 



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