Manage and Improve Comp Plans in One System

  • Bring your data and setup your plans without any code or formulas
  • Real-time, transparent reporting in Slack
  • Turnkey ASC 340-40 and accounting
  • Recommendations and analytics to improve your plans
  • Expert incentive compensation support

Comp plans are hard work

First, you spend months creating and calibrating plans upfront. Then, you spend weeks administering the plans and dealing with the (often incorrect) data, calculations, reporting, and exceptions related to those plans.

In this process, your team loses out on the motivational and feedback aspects of the comp plans, which would allow them to identify opportunities to accelerate pipe, adjust strategies and improve results.

​We built the platform that manages your comp plans and identifies opportunities to unlock better performance through a blend of psychology and statistics.

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Easy setup and plan administration

Data ​

Is your data scattered across your CRM, accounting system, and a few Google Sheets? Sync data directly from Salesforce or upload other data, and link data together within the platform.


No two comp plans are alike, so we built flexibility across the plan design process so you can manage your plans. And with our conversational set up, you are able to easily make adjustments to your plans or quotas any time you wish without a single line of code or a compound if-then statement.

Expert support​

We know how important comp is for your team’s success, so our support team comes with experience in Ops, Strategy, Accounting and Finance. This helps us identify both plan and process opportunities to drive performance.

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Join companies commissioning smarter with Concert


Concert was a key part of Return Path’s ASC 340-40 adoption:

  • Return Path improved productivity and reporting for 100 reps spanning 5 roles in 7 countries with Concert.
  • ASC 340-40 compliance impacted the company, and the result would have been manual spreadsheets.
  • Concert made manual spreadsheets obsolete and streamlined calculations.
  • ...All while giving reps timely and accurate statements!

Accurate, stress-free calculations

Real-time pacing in Slack​

Provide earnings and calculations on each deal directly to your team as soon as a deal closes. Showing pacing towards goals gives positive feedback that drives continued performance.

Clear earning statements ​

Rep statements provide detailed insights into how each deal is calculated, as well as which components of the comp plan generated each payout.

Audit-ready accounting​

ASC 340-40 is the new rule for how commissions must be expensed. Concert will automatically select that right amortization policy for each payout and generate the reports you and your auditors need.

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Better comp plans

Plan performance analytics ​

See which parts of your comp plan are working or not, and get our recommendations on how to maximize the return on each part of your comp plan.

Quota setting ​

Quotas motivate people more than the comp itself. See how your plans are performing and if your quotas are motivating your team.

Scenarios and forecasting

Run your proposed plans through hundreds of scenarios with the click of a button to understand how plan changes will shift performance and the costs associated with any changes.

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Commission Smarter

The Commission Feedback Loop

We’ve worked with experts in neuroscience and behavioral psychology, pored over academic research studies, and reviewed the aggregate data on our platform to understand how sales compensation brings out the best performance in each individual.

Our work has been featured at SaaStr, Modern Sales Pros, and Bowery Capital’s Sales Podcast, among others.

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