Automate Commissions Calculations 

Sales and Service teams have up to half of their compensation at risk, and still have very little insight into their earnings.  Teams lose up to 10% of their time calculating and reconciling their compensation, instead of working with their clients.

How much revenue are you leaving behind?

Concert can help.

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Eliminate Spreadsheets

Concert seamlessly translates your Salesforce data to commissions payouts, using a highly customizable rules engine, so your team has clear visibility into their earnings immediately.  Your accounting team will also love you because Concert eliminates the painful spreadsheets required to comply with ASC 606.

Improve Forecasting

Have more confidence in your sales projections for the next week, month, and quarter with Concert.  We generate forecasted payouts based on pipeline data, which incentivizes your team to update their opportunity data more frequently and make better predictions.  

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Start Today

You can set up our simple Salesforce integration in minutes and get results immediately. No developers required.

All you need is your Salesforce login to make better predictions and drive more revenue from your commissions plans.