Losing Sales: The Top 10 GIFs

Tara Sestanovich


April 8, 2021

It’s no secret that in sales, reps face a lot of rejection.  And as compelling as it is to celebrate the big wins, it’s important to acknowledge losing sales, too. 

Why Losing Sales Matters

Even when your sales team goes through the right steps, it doesn’t mean every deal is an automatic win.  But don’t be so quick to write off those losses!  Research shows that our brains are equipped to figure out strategies to learn from our failures to improve our chances for future success.  So when reps confront a loss, they can learn from the experience and identify which strategies will lead to more success in their customer interactions.  Losing actually turns into winning.

Normalize Losing in Sales

As a sales manager, you don’t expect your reps to win every deal.  So how can you support your team when they encounter a loss?  Start by having meaningful conversations.  Acknowledge their efforts, recognize what happened in the sales process, and talk through the steps.  Helping your reps determine the right process can put your team in a position to win (even if it means not actually winning every time.)

Providing positive feedback to reinforce the right behaviors, like paying on pipeline metrics (win or lose), will motivate your team to do better.  “Choosing the behavior to be rewarded can be just as important as the reward itself”, says Nelson and Spitzer.  Paying for these early losses is an investment in your team.  You’ll help your reps learn from their loss and, as a result, you’ll see a boost in their productivity and performance. 

Here are Our Top 10 GIFs for When Your Sales Team Can’t Catch a Break

With all of the day-to-day rejections, it can be really easy to take setbacks personally.  But to be honest, it feels a lot better when you can joke about it!  We took a look at some common sales scenarios and compiled our favorite GIFs.

1. When sales and prospect emails go unanswered.

Salespeople know this feeling all too well.  Share this with the rep who can’t seem to climb their way out of cluttered inboxes and then help them figure out an email sequence that will score some attention.

2. When unsatisfied customers leave negative reviews.

Why do unhappy customers always speak up more than happy ones?  Thanks a lot, Karen.  Determine if the comment is worth a response and act quickly to focus on the wrongs you can right.

3. When you find a spreadsheet mistake.

Discovering a hidden column or an extra ‘0’ can be shocking.  But a little humility and honesty can go a long way when it comes to owning up to mistakes.

4. When the sales process tanks after a big demo.

For the rep who was ‘this close’ to closing a deal but ended up like an Oregon Trail wagon trying to ford a river.  Encourage them to fine-tune their skills and get back on that horse… er, wagon.

5. When reps start to feel the sales anxiety creeping in.

Working in sales is hard.  But maintaining composure and flexibility during high-pressure situations can convert to successful customer interactions.

6. When a prospect is a no-show.

For the rep who spent hours prepping for a meeting just to be blown off.  At least they’re ready for the next one!

7. When a new product fails to gain traction.

All that time, money, and internal planning and *poof* you’re suddenly stopped in your tracks.  Take the time to identify the gaps in your process and fully commit to that successful launch.

8. Getting blindsided by the competition.

Losing sales to competitors hurts!  Encourage your team to find innovative ways to create value for your prospects and customers.

9. When a customer wants to terminate their contract early.

For the conversation no one wants to have.  There could be a number of reasons that a customer wants to break their contract so this is an opportunity to problem-solve. Maybe your team can restructure or change the agreement or maybe it’s an opportunity to find a new customer who will love your product or service even more!

10. When you celebrate a win too early.

Anddd all of the excitement and enthusiasm comes to a halt.  After all of that hard work, no one likes the feeling of defeat!  Acknowledge what happened and make the moves to put your team in the position to claim that win.

The Main Takeaway

In sales, reps are faced with less than ideal outcomes on a regular basis.  But these situations are opportunities for growth and improvement.  Motivate your sales teams by acknowledging what they’re doing right and encouraging them to find a process that works.

Salespeople aren’t always guaranteed a win, but the more time your team spends on following a process that works, the more wins your company will start to see. 


Next Steps

Read up on our other tips to boost your team’s motivation and our Top 10 GIFs for when you do celebrate a big win! 

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