Turnkey Commissions

You spend a lot of time manually calculating quota and commissions in complex spreadsheets, weeks after deals are closed. Sales reps are frustrated with slow statements and with having to double-check the results. We wondered what would happen if you automate this manual process and deliver commissions information directly to the sales team in under a day. What would that mean for your business? 

Easy Integration

Eliminating complications with a simple single-sign-on solution to plug into your Salesforce data.


Evolving to meet your needs as your business grows, including multi-currency support and ASC 606 accounting.

Strategic Support

Bringing operational experience to partner with your business beyond initial setup and onboarding.


Your results are timely, accurate, and compliant

Updating your accounting processes to comply with new accounting rules (ASC 606/IFRS 15) takes valuable time and resources from running your business. Concert Finance recognizes how painful it is to implement these new standards. That’s why we built our products to ensure consistent application of your accounting policies, accurate journal entries, and automated account reconciliations.