The 2019 Concert Sales Comp Holiday Gift Guide

Sanj Sanampudi


December 5, 2019

For your perusing pleasure: the fruits of an entire year’s worth of research, online shopping, and snark.

For the Sellers

Obvious Plant x Valentino Garavani VSLING bag, contact for availability

Microbags were big (small?) in Fall 2019, and the trend is expected to continue into next year. Lizzo sported this limited edition bag at the AMA’s saying it fit all the f-s she had to give.

The path to Sales Glory is paved in rejections, so we think that captures the right sentiment.

A Smaller Bag, free

You might not be able to get your hands on Lizzo’s bag, but you can shrink the bag your sales team is carrying. Modern Sales Pros + Concert’s survey of nearly 100 companies with 9,000 reps shows that comp plans that break down large quotas into smaller, more achievable goals perform much better.

Find out how to do this in our free guide, or book a demo to see how our platform can help you.

Apple Watch Series 5, starting at $399

We still call these nerd watches, but, Concert’s Slack App notifications on your wrist would be pretty cool.

Plus, they actually tell time now!

For Rev Ops

Domaine de Pellehaut Armagnac, $86

Armagnacs are expected to be the big spirit of the winter, so if your team is still calculating commissions in Excel, this should keep their *spirits* up as they manually get through year-end commissions statements.

On second thought, maybe give it to them after they finish!

LARQ Self Cleaning Water Bottle, $95

They make sure your data is clean.

You can make sure their water bottle is too.

Concert’s Sales Comp Term Guide, free

Our family and friends (and even some co-workers) totally don’t get what ops is.

This guide can help your ops buddy finally explain why this part of their job is so important and so hard!

For Finance

Billie Eilish Tickets, starting at $40

Your finance team always feels like they are the Bad Guy. Billie gets it.

Blue Light Shield Glasses, $25

ASC 606 is a new accounting rule that will keep your finance and accounting teams glued to their desk staring at enormous commissions spreadsheets.

Keep their eyes safe with glasses and they might even thank you with faster T&E approvals.

Concert’s ASC 606 Cheat Sheet, free

Save them the pain of reading the commissions accounting guidance, and give a simplified guide to their burning accounting questions!

Plus, they can even reach out to us for best practice on some of their really nuanced problems.


Happy Holidays! And here’s to a great 2020! XO

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