Blueprint to Quota Webinar

A perfectly managed pipeline is every sales leader’s dream. But, as you may have noticed, managing your sellers to keep their pipeline in tip-top shape is a beast all on its own.

Key Takeaways

  • Perfect your process first, then layer on training, tools, and technology.
  • If you’re losing 75% of your MQLs by the end of the assembly line process, you might feel like your wasting time. But guess what? You’re wasting even more time if you’re not hitting quota.
  • It’s more important to establish a repeatable revenue process than to accomplish quick wins.

Remember to…

  • Build a blueprint for each rep to hit quota: Most reps don’t know the leading indicators.
  • Add incentives to form habits: Pipeline management isn’t a monthly check-in, it’s a daily routine.
  • Review your pipeline conversations: Minimize the time spent on forecasting.