Automated Commissions, Automated Compliance

Concert Finance gives Sales, Revenue Ops, Finance and Accounting the accurate, timely reporting they need, without the manual spreadsheets.

Scalable Solutions

Whether you need to calculate 5 or 500 commission plans, Concert’s simple configuration allows for simple payout rule, payee and quota entry, in multiple currencies.

Turnkey ASC 606

Concert uses your payout rules and opportunity data to automatically select the right ASC 606/IFRS 15 accounting policy for your business.

Expert Advice

We bring a balanced Revenue Ops and Finance perspective, helping you manage the qualitative and quantitative challenges of incentive compensation design.


Easily integrate your data for timely, accurate, and compliant results.

To make life just a little easier, we have eliminated painful integrations by taking opportunity data with a simple single-sign-on solution to plug into your Salesforce data or a 5 field opportunity upload.  

We can start reviewing results after a 30 minute set up conversation.